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UT student gets tuition refunded after being charged as non-resident

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - University of Toledo graduate student Micheale Brown was shocked when she saw how much she was charged for a class this summer. Brown looked at previous bills and saw she had been overcharged for her entire 4 year career.

"I was applying for a summer class, and I knew exactly how much it was supposed to be, and then I got this huge bill," said Michaele Brown.

The university charged Brown as an out-of-state student even though Brown has lived in Ohio since 2006. Brown moved to Ohio in June of 2006 and applied in November of 2007.

 Brown did not notice the mistake because she used student loans to pay all of her bills, so the banks took care of the payments. Brown said initially she could not get anyone at the university to fix the problem.

"Well then who do I need to talk to? You need to talk to admissions. So I talked to admissions. They bounced me to the grad department, they bounced me back to financial aid, and I just wasn't getting anywhere," said Brown.

Dean of the School of Graduate Studies Patricia Komuniecki said once the situation was brought to her attention, it was dealt with it immediately. Within days the university sent Brown a check for the full amount of out-of-state tuition she had paid which was over $36,000.

"I was really happy that the college of graduate study was able to step in and facilitate the correction in other offices on campus," said Brown.

"We have a suspicion, a guess of how it happened. Given the time of when she applied, she applied in the fall of 2007, and she correctly identified her residency at that time. Because we were still using paper applications in the college at that time...what used to happen in those days was there was a manual entry by someone in the registrar's office to indicate residency. And apparently they hit the wrong button and it went in as a non-resident," said Komuniecki.

The school investigated to make sure similar mistakes did not happen to any other students and found no other cases of overcharging.

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