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EDITORIAL: As usual, Ohio important in Presidential race

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

As is most obvious to anyone watching more than 5 minutes of television, there is a lot of political advertising going on.  Just about every break contains a message from a candidate or a special interest group. 

They are buying the right to speak to you because you will have a lot to say about who our next president is going to be.  Ohio is the epicenter of the swing states.  That means, so goes Ohio, so goes the election. 

Getting this much national attention is a good thing.  As voters, it gives us power and influence.  Ohioans should embrace this opportunity.  We should push for a record turnout from activist voters.  It is rare to be this much in demand.  Enjoy it.  Use it. Let the candidates know what matters to you.  For at least the next couple of months, you can bet they will be listening.

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