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Billboard put up by husband showing support, helping wife’s job search

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - 'Please Hire My Wife' is a billboard put up downtown Toledo by a husband in efforts to help find a job for his wife.

Brandon Stuard wanted to do something special for wife Holly Stuard in what seemed like a never ending job search. One day it hit him, a billboard built to look like a resume for thousands to see. 

"Over the last five or six months, she's had a few opportunities come along that we thought looked really positive and unfortunately they just didn't work out," said Brandon Stuard.

Holly Stuard lost her job at the University of Toledo a year ago due to budget cuts and has been searching ever since.

"I felt a sense of, she was getting a little frustrated, but not losing hope. But I wanted to do something maybe help lift her spirits if nothing else," said Brandon Stuard.

Then the "Please Hire My Wife" went up.

"Had I asked, it probably would have never gone up, so I had to do it behind the scenes," said Brandon Stuard.

"I think I definitely would have said no. I would have thought it would have been too embarrassing to have my face up on a billboard but, now I'm having fun with it and hopefully a good opportunity will come out of it," said Holly Stuard.

The billboard gives Holly's credentials which include business experience, academic experience and an MBA. Holly has two degrees from the University of Toledo. Holly knows what she wants to do; she just needs someone to give her a chance.

"What I would really love to do would be to lead the training and development of an organization, to work with the on-boarding of new employees to focus on developing the existing talent and helping organizations improve their overall effectiveness, to really help organizations maximize performance by tapping in to asset, tapping in to their human capital," said Holly Stuard.

"I know she's trying extremely hard, no one prepares like she does. So, it's difficult to watch so, this is, I feel like this is probably the best I could come up with to help her out," said Brandon Stuard.

The billboards went up Monday and have not gotten any hits in their email just yet. Brandon Stuard says he has the billboards running for about a week and it is costing him about $700. Stuard said it is worth it if his wife gets an opportunity.

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