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Possible negotiations happening between local unions, casino employees

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Negotiations are underway between local unions and the Hollywood casino. Representatives with local unions say Hollywood casino employees have contacted them wanting representation. Hollywood casino employees are upset with some policies and pay in place.

United Auto Workers has allegedly teamed up with the United Steel Workers. Together they are working with the company that owns Hollywood Casino to come to a mutual agreement over representation for their workers.

If a mutual agreement is reached, more than half of the employees will need to vote to be unionized. If more than half agree, the process will move on to determining which union will represent each classification of workers.

Representatives with the union say this process is taking longer than expected and longer than it took in Cleveland. This means there is the possibility an agreement will not be reached.

"If the union was not recognized it has several options. It could petition to the labor relations board for an election where there would actually be a vote.  It would do that if it thought it had support of the majority of the workers if it didn't... it would probably go away and try again later," said Joe Slater, Professor of Law, University of Toledo.

Slater says in general the casino industry is high unionized and it is not uncommon for separate unions like the UAW and the United Steel Workers to team up and form these councils.

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