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Does it Work: Shimmer Glitter Tattoos

(Toledo News Now) - Fake tattoos are becoming more and more like stickers for kids these days. Now, they're getting even more jazzed up with glitter. You've probably seen commercials for Shimmer Glitter Tattoos on kids' TV shows, but does it work?

Emma Priggel and Kendyl Stuckey often wear removable tattoos and have certainly seen this heavily advertised new product, Shimmer Glitter Tattoos.

Not only does the design supposedly last seven days, you can also add some shine to it.

It's pretty sticky, as the girls roll on their designs and apply glitter.

Learn from their mistake: Follow the directions to let the glue turn clear in color before you apply glitter. If you don't, your glitter turns gloppy and the design doesn't stick.

There is a difference in proper drying time. A flower on Kendyl's arm turned out much better than the tattoo on Emma's arm.

After getting the hang of the drying time, the girls got creative and painted three different colors, just like the box shows.

The glitter tattoos sparkle in the eyes of these two girls. Emma thinks it'd be fun to do with a group of friends.

"At a sleepover!" said Emma.

Kendyl wonders about this claim.

"I'm not sure about it being waterproof," said Kendyl.

In fact, the girls say the tattoos lasted several days, until they went swimming. Still, they like this $10 craft.

It's fun. Believe it or not, it's not too messy for being glitter. Shimmer Glitter Tattoos shine with a "B" on this Does it Work test.

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