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Central city neighbors stand together against crime

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Residents who live near the intersection of Oakwood Street and Detroit Avenue in Central Toledo came together Saturday as a show of unity.

It was an event the called "Turning Hoods Back into Neighborhoods."

Strangers became friends while eating hot dogs and introducing themselves to one another.

"There's neighbors that I haven't met before. So everyone came out. Norwood, Fernwood, all over," said Michelle Voss.

The event was sponsored by the group "Stand Up Man Up."

But what does "Turning Hoods Back into Neighborhoods" mean?

"Take neighbor out of hood. You just have a hood left. We don't live in the hood. We want to live in the neighborhood," said Ernest Banks of "Stand Up Man Up."

The message is even more relevant after the recent tragic murder of a one year old girl and wounding of her two year old sister at the Moody Manor Apartments.

Some feel it's another example of Toledo's streets turning even meaner.

"Some people are afraid to come out on the front porch now because of the activity that's been going on," said Anthony Banks.

"Stand Up Man Up" believes the way to prevent the violence is for folks to stand together as one and notify police when they see any suspicious activity.

They say there's nothing wrong with being a snitch.

"It's very important each neighbor know each other. Don't have to get along but we have to co-exist" said Ernest Banks.

And as they say, put the neighbor back in hood.

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