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School fundraising scams spotted in local neighborhoods

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – With kids heading back to school, fundraising for various clubs and teams is sure to start. After multiple local scams, residents are warned about donating to a fake cause.

Most of the time, door-to-door children trying to raise money are with genuine organizations and are dressed in a Girl Scout or school band uniform. Recently, one Toledoan got a knock on the door and said something did not seem right.

Juan Diaz is the coach for the Anthony Wayne Storm basketball team. He received a call from a person who said a group of kids was knocking on doors in their neighborhood claiming to be his players and asking for donations.

"I have sponsors to make sure that my players don't have to go door to door," said Diaz.

April Roth has four boys of her own who are all heavily involved in activities.

"Whether it be band or sports, anything academically, I think it's great that the kids have an opportunity to be involved in something. But anything you're involved in costs money," said Roth.

She understands the need for fundraising and when it is legitimate she supports it.

"We've had different people come to our home and I have to be honest, sometimes I had to question whether it was legit or not," said Roth.

Dick Eppstein with the Better Business Bureau said if there are any doubts, the homeowner has a right to ask questions.

"You have every right to say to them, ‘Who is your coach? What school is this? I'm going to call your coach. I'm going to call the principal and verify that this is really a campaign,'" explained Eppstein.

Eppstein said most organizations looking to raise money always have their bases covered.

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