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3 arrested, charged with obstruction in Moody Manor shooting

Arrested were Keshawn Jennings, 20, Antwaine Jones, 18, and James Moore, 20. Arrested were Keshawn Jennings, 20, Antwaine Jones, 18, and James Moore, 20.
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo Police have arrested three people in connection with the shooting at Moody Manor apartments in central Toledo last Thursday. All there were charged with one count of obstructing justice. One of the men was arraigned in court Tuesday; the two others were arraigned Wednesday morning.

Authorities say there is physical evidence the men lied to police when questioned about the shooting, which led to the obstruction charges. Police say additional charges, which could include murder, are pending.

Arrested were Keshawn Jennings, 20, Antwaine Jones, 18, and James Moore, 20. None have been charged with the actual shooting, but police say they have shown little remorse.

Jennings was arraigned Tuesday. Jones and Moore both appeared in court Wednesday. All three were given a $500,000 bond and scheduled for a preliminary hearing next week. The prosecutor asked for the bond amount based on the defendants' history and current pending cases. 

Jennings is currently on probation following a weapons call at the complex in June 2011. Police who responded said Jennings ran from them. He has been arrested every month this year except for one, mostly for drugs and obstructing official business.

Jennings was also shot two separate times this June. The first happened June 9 at Toledo's Smith Park. The second came less than two weeks later during what police called a gang shootout in the parking lot of Remy's Gentlemen's Club on Matzinger in north Toledo.

Moore was shot in the same incident at Remy's Gentlemen's Club. It is unclear what, if any, connection that shooting has to the Moody Manor shooting. Additionally, Moore was arrested alongside Jennings twice in July.

In late 2010, police found Moore with a semi-automatic outside of Moody Manor and he was sentenced to probation.

Jones has been arrested twice for carrying a concealed weapon. Police found him with a loaded gun in October 2011, but the prosecutor dropped the charge. Jones posted bond after his arrest less than a month ago after again being caught with a semi-automatic weapon. He is also charged with criminal trespassing in a different incident.

A police source told Toledo News Now that the three were involved in the shooting, and that there was tension between the suspects and residents of Moody Manor. Toledo News Now was also told that surveillance video from the complex played a role in tying the three to the crime.

Legal expert Jerry Phillips says police are probably working now to analyze evidence from the scene and find out how it relates to the suspects.

"They have enough evidence to charge them with this violation and they're working to determine whether or not they are the individuals are involved so they are going to hold them since these individuals know they're being looked at they're going to hold them until they can develop the rest of the evidence," said Phillips.

An aunt of 1-year-old Keondra Hooks, who was killed in the shooting, said Wednesday's events eased her pain and give her hope that detectives will ultimately find those responsible for the crime. The shooting also seriously injured 2-year-old Leondra Hooks, but she is expected to recover.

Still, Tamatha Hamilton said she does not understand how someone could do that to her nieces.

"The family still want to know why - why were we targeted. What did we do so wrong? What did that 1-year-old do to deserve that? That is what we want to know," said Hamilton.

The family is also preparing to say their final goodbyes to Keondra Thursday. The services will be held at 6 p.m. at the Tate Funeral Home on Lagrange and is open to the public.

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