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Editorial: Anthony Wayne Trail gets speed cameras

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

I am standing on the Anthony Wayne Trail right by the zoo.  If you are driving past this spot you better not be speeding.  Here's why: this is a speed-only camera.  There is an identical camera on the other side of the trail capturing drivers heading into town. 

These cameras function just like the red light cameras except they record speeders.  Now, I drive the Anthony Wayne trail several days a week. I can say with absolute certainty, there is a whole lot of speeding going on. 

If it takes these cameras to make the crazies ease up on the gas pedal, then so be it.  The Trail is not a freeway, and it's not the place to actualize your NASCAR fantasies.  If you drive the speed limit, more or less, these cameras will never matter to you.  If you think that speed limits are for everyone else, then have at it.  Just bring your wallet and remember: smile for the camera.

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