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Does it Work: Grout Bully

(Toledo News Now) - Roll on Grout Bully and renew, redesign, and rejuvenate dirty or stained tile grout, but does it work?

Luke Wilson has wanted to freshen up his kitchen tile ever since his family moved into their home. He donned the rubber gloves and rolled Grout Bully onto his tile. Immediately, the white Grout Bully covered up his dark grout, but it's also a goopy mess. It smears all over the place even after following the directions and waiting the proper drying time.

He also decided to use the manufacturer's suggestion of waiting for it to dry several days to "cure." Wilson took pictures and reported back saying he and his wife are pleased with the brightened look from a distance, but said when you get up-close, it's not a good finish. 

The Wilsons would not recommend this product for any longterm cleaning or home renovations. 

"Don't give it anything over a 'D'. It doesn't work half as well as it's advertised on TV, especially the cleanup," explained Wilson.

Wilson was pleased one $13 bottle covered most of the tile in his kitchen and hallway, but said he'll have to use old-fashioned elbow grease, tile grout cleaner and a wire brush to properly clean and brighten his tile grout.

Grout Bully isn't tough enough to pass the Does it Work test, earning a "D."

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