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School supply lists, parents' education budgets grow

ROSSFORD, OH (Toledo News Now) – Growing school supply lists are putting a bigger dent in parents' wallets this year. 

More than 130 commented on WTOL's Facebook post on what supplies schools are asking for this year. A lot said the lists were getting a little long and ridiculous, but school officials say it takes a village to educate a child and help supply them for success.

Parents are finding it takes a lot of money and supplies to educate a child.

In less than two weeks, classrooms in Rossford will be full. In the mean time, parents, like Sue Knehr, are gearing up and shelling out to check off items on the school-issued supply lists. Some lists, include dozens of standards, like glue and pencils, while others request uncommon items. 

"They're learning money, so he has to take in money that we'll get back at the end of the year," said Knehr.

Holly Schmidbauer, principal at Indian Hills Elementary School, said the economy is hitting everyone hard; the school is feeling it, along with teachers and parents.

"I think when the teachers do these lists they are very mindful of and sensitive to the fact that maybe certain families can't afford things," said Schmidbauer.

Some of the items go to the classroom to make sure everyone has enough.

"No child ever in Rossford goes without. We even, among the buildings, will say in another building in the district, ‘If you need supplies, we have some we can give you,'" said Schmidbauer.

Community groups and organizations even pitch in donating backpacks and other supplies.

Although some parents are feeling the pinch, Knehr said she has been there and is willing to help.

"Now that things are going a little bit better for us, I don't mind doing it as much. In fact, throughout the year, I'll go up to their teacher and say, you know, ‘Do you guys need anything? Are you running low?'  And I'll bring them in stuff. It's really not that big of a deal," said Knehr.

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