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Discussions heated between Sylvania Township Trustees over location of new fire department

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - Sylvania Township Trustees have been arguing amongst themselves over the decision to build the new fire department at the original downtown location.

One township trustee says it is a waste of taxpayer money to tear down the original fire station and build the new one in the exact same location.

In a two out of three vote, the majority of Trustees agreed to tear down the original downtown fire station and build a new one in the same location.

"To me the choice was very clear that the current site is the best site when you look at all the positives and negatives, and um, so I'm comfortable that we've made the right choice here," said John Jennewine, Sylvania Township Trustee.

  This vote has stirred controversy but Trustee Kevin Haddad said the law states the vote has to be unanimous.

"The board of township trustees of any township by unanimous vote may adopt a resolution allowing the township to contract for the purchase of equipment, buildings and sites, for the construction of building for any lawful township purposes. I am in total disagreement and it says unanimous vote," said Haddad.

Jennewine said they have been in contact with the prosecutor's office in Sylvania Township and said the law does not state that it must be a unanimous vote. They plan to move forward with the current plan.

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