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City Council revotes, approves new downtown charter school

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – After originally being denied the permit they needed to open in downtown Toledo, a proposed charter school gets the approval from City Council.

On Tuesday, council members met for a revote and this time decided to grant the school the permit they need to open. The revote came after one council member decided to abstain from voting last week. The only time someone on City Council can do that is if there is a conflict of interest. After determining there was not a conflict of interest, one of the members who voted no, proposed a revote.

Initially some members said they were hesitant to allow the school to open downtown because there are several liquor stores nearby. On Tuesday, one council member said it is still legal and if a school wants to open near those businesses that is their choice.

Councilman Mike Collins said he is glad council changed its mind and was worried about the message it would send if they did not.

"What we did last Tuesday is not good for the city of Toledo. I think it highlights the fact that we may give a perception of not being business friendly and we do not want in any way, shape, or form, to convey that message to those who invest in downtown, or for that matter, any other place in Toledo," said Collins.

According to Collins, now that the permit is granted, he expects the school to be operating and enrolling students by mid-September.

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