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EDITORIAL: Land Bank gets $6.8 million to demolish abandon homes

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

This house is coming down!  The Ohio Attorney General's office just approved a $3.4 million dollar grant to the Lucas County Land Bank. 

The Land Bank matched that with another $3.4 million dollars from the County Treasurer's Office. So now Wade Kapszukiewicz, Lucas County Treasurer and Land Bank Chairman, has $6.8 million dollars to demolish abandoned and dilapidated homes in Lucas County.  Under this program, about 900 trashed, burned out and problem buildings will eventually be knocked down.  After that, the trash will be hauled away and the land will be re-claimed. 

The purpose is to increase the property values of the remaining homes which have been negatively impacted by the eyesores and abandoned buildings.  Although the 900 vacant and blighted homes have been targeted, if you think your neighborhood has problems call the Land Bank. 

Click here to visit the Lucas County Land Bank website.  You can see which buildings are on the list and you can suggest additional structures for consideration to demolish. 

This is a very good thing.  It should improve property values and strengthen neighborhoods.   I don't think anyone is going to miss looking at this kind of blight. 

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