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Does it Work: Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener

(Toledo News Now) - The Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener makes some pretty big claims for a tiny little gadget, but does it make the cut?

It promises to be the "world's best knife sharpener." Lydia Alford is ready to slice and dice her way through this test.

It has the suction holding power to stay in place, but can it sharpen a very dull knife?

The knife can't even slice through a ripe tomato. Alford swipes it through the Edge of Glory sharpener, where it sounds like the carbide blades are sharpening, but can it cut?

Alford gives it a try and says it seems to go more smoothly than before it was sharpened, but the tomato still had to be pierced first. The Edge of Glory didn't sharpen the knife like it showed in the commercial. Alford sharpened it several times. Still, it took some effort to slice with it. It seemed like the cheddar was sharper than the knife.

"I was a little disappointed," said Alford.

Next, for fun she sees if it can at least sharpen a credit card, like in the commercial. Why you'd want to slice a tomato with a credit card, we don't know, but Alford proceeded, first checking to see what happened before sharpening it. The credit card does not cut a tomato on its own.

She swiped the credit card through the sharpener and then the tomato. It easily glided through it.

"So, when in doubt, you can cut your tomato with a credit card!" said Alford.

Still, she's not laughing at this point. Even if the Edge of Glory did sharpen all knives, which it does not, eventually the carbide blades will dull, and you can't replace them with the product.

"You can spend more money on a higher-quality sharpener that even has replaceable parts than this," said Alford.

We're positive this is not the "best sharpener in the world," as promised.

"I'm thinking a 'D,'" said Alford.

The $10 Edge of Glory doesn't make the cut. It's off the cutting block with a 'D' on this Does it Work test.

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