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Don't Waste Your Money: Tire pressure myths

(Toledo News Now) – New cars nowadays come with tire pressure monitors, but they may give a false sense of security because many people no longer check their tires.

What's the most important safety feature of your car? It's not the seatbelts or airbags; it's the tires. But it turns out a lot of what we believe about our cars' tires is not true.

We've all heard that we should keep our tires inflated, and that bald tires are bad. This is true, but the new issue of Popular Mechanics magazine says beyond that, much of what we think is a myth.

Myth #1: The tire pressure monitor keeps you at the right pressure. False: It only warns you when your tires are 25 percent down, which is borderline unsafe.

Myth #2: Always replace the front tires first. False: You want the best tires on the rear, to prevent the rear end from skidding out.

Myth #3: Your tire can burst if it's at a higher pressure than recommended. False: Tires can still work at a much higher pressure, or they would explode every day.

From the doesn't that stink file, one of the biggest myths of all, according to Popular Mechanics' tire experts is that low-profile tires and bigger wheels equal better handling. In many cases, this is false. Bigger wheels and low-profile tires cost much more, but experts say you often get worse, not better, handling.

Popular Mechanics says big wheels and low-profile tires are designed for sporty cars with specially-tuned suspensions. On standard cars, changing the tire and wheel size often makes handling worse, especially if they are heavier.

Now you know, so you don't waste your money.

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