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BBB warns of Visa gift card email scam


If a free gift card for $1,000 sounds too good to be true, officials with the Better Business Bureau say, that's because it is.

They're cracking down on what they call a nationwide Visa gift card email scam. The email appears to come from an organization the victim knows, so at first glance can look authentic.

One email contained a "thank you" as part of the subject line. Once the email is opened it says "you have been issued a $1,000 Visa gift card" all you have to do is "send it to the address of your choosing. 

"This is what's really scary about this thing is they're able to narrow it down so tightly that say that this gift comes from the place that this person has a relationship with," said Thomas Gallagher with the BBB.

Gallagher reports the email has been sent appearing to be from a local charity, the BBB, and the Richmond School Board. In actuality, he says it's coming from a site based in London.  

"It'll happen fast, that's what these people do," said Gallagher. "All they do is take a picture and put it on there and tell you that's what you're going to receive and you don't."

Officials with the BBB said it is actually a ploy to get into your computer.

"They want to get personal information from you.-social security number, your baking information, whatever it may be,they want to get this," said Gallagher

At the very least, by clicking, they say you're confirming your email address to whomever sent this. the more you click and the more you fill out, the more information you're revealing.

If you suspect you got the email, officials recommend deleting it.

"Erase it," said Gallagher. "Don't mess with it. Don't figure you can beat them. I have never, ever seen one of these things work. they never work."

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