EPA: Dump sites not to blame for Clyde Cancer Cluster

CLYDE, OH (Toledo News Now) - The United States Environmental Protection Agency found nothing to indicate dump sites are to blame for the Easter Sandusky County Childhood Cancer Cluster.

In a report released on July 11, the EPA cleared 13 of the 14 dump sites evaluated in the study, but said the 14th could not be eliminated since the property owners of McGrath Dump did not allow their testers access to the property.  Officials with the EPA say they plan to follow up with McGrath, but the study leaves victims' families with more questions, not the answers they had hoped for.

Wendy and Warren Brown lost their daughter Alexa to cancer in 2008.  Alexa was one of 35 people in the area diagnosed with cancer and considered part of the cluster.

The Browns say although the study was available on July 11, they just became aware of it today.

"Am I frustrated? To some degree I have to say yes. You know I thought we had developed somewhat of a good rapport with the lead investigators and communications specialist from region 5. Even an e-mail or text message or anything saying 'hey go look at the website the items are out there' would have been nice," said Warren Brown, Alexa's father.

Brown says he is also frustrated with the pace of the investigation.

"Investigations should not have to take 6 years to be completed. In this case and I've voiced it before. Everything has been too little, I shouldn't say too little, I think the investigations have been mostly thorough, so I don't want to say too little, but they've been too late," said Brown.

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