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Holland, OH event part of Romney's "We Build This" campaign

HOLLAND, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - People across America will be holding "We Build This" events on Wednesday.

It's aimed at allowing small business owners the opportunity to respond to a claim the Romney campaign says President Obama made. The Romney campaign quotes Obama as saying, "If you've got a business, you didn't build it. Somebody else made that happen."

View a commercial quoting Obama.

The MittRomney.com website states: "President Obama believes that government, and not people, builds businesses and creates jobs. Freedom and the hard work and innovation of entrepreneurs build successful businesses."

People are invited to share their stories of innovation or entrepreneurship on the website.


Holland, Ohio news conference

Locally, a "We Build This" news conference is happening in Holland, OH at Midwest Tape on Wednesday afternoon.

Business owners that will be speaking include: 

**John Eldred, President, Midwest Tape

**Ed Nagle, President & CEO, Nagle Trucking

**Mike McAlear, Service Spring Corporation

**Ann Mills, President of Toledo Real Estate Investors Assn., Ohio & Michigan Realtor


President Obama response

President Obama is pushing back with ads of his own calling Romney's information "flat-out wrong." View the full quote Obama said at the town hall that Romney is using.

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