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Alcohol Enforcement: A WTOL11 Investigation

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Local businesses are selling alcohol to underage customers, and it may be happening more often than most people think.

WTOL11's Jonathan Walsh rode along with the Ohio Investigative Unit to see how common retailers sell to underage people, and which local businesses are doing it.  The unit sent a 19-year-old confidential informant into carry-outs and other stores which sell alcohol. The informant used her real Ohio driver's license, which is vertical rather than the horizontal license used for persons over the age of 21. The informant was also told not to lie about her age if asked.

Three of the five stores investigators stopped at that day sold alcohol to the informant, including the Barney's on North Detroit Ave., the In and Out Express on Skyview Dr. near North Detroit Ave. and the Pilot Store on Hagman Rd. near Alexis Rd., all in Toledo.

When confronted about selling to underage customers, one clerk claimed to have made a mistake when calculating the customer's age, while two others declined to comment.

"I'm shocked at some of the reactions people do. They'll be like ‘Oh, you're just now legal' and they clearly see that I'm not," said the confidential informant.

Investigators hope operations like this get the attention of business owners and employees. 

"So hopefully now they understand, they make the corrections, and they start doing a better job," said one investigator with the Ohio Investigative Unit.

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