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Cedar Point makes special announcement

An aerial view of Cedar Point located in Sandusky, Ohio. An aerial view of Cedar Point located in Sandusky, Ohio.

SANDUSKY, OH (Toledo News Now) – Cedar Point made a special announcement Friday afternoon regarding what one spokesperson said, "could forever change the landscape of the park."

Friday was the 23rd annual Coaster Mania at Cedar Point. Coaster enthusiasts from across the country, and even the world, came for the rides. About 1,000 people, who boasted they have been on the rides thousands of times, attended the event. The park opened early for them at 6 a.m. and will stay open later, as well.

Officials said it is important to cater to their biggest fans and critics, which is why they made a portion of a larger announcement Friday afternoon. Officials assured a more exciting announcement will be made in 30 days.

The indoor roller coaster Disaster Transport will be coming down July 29. The ride Space Spiral will also be coming down later this summer. An auction will be held for those who would like to ride it one last time.

According to officials, the park would like to utilize more of its lakefront space.

The Sandusky Register reported back in May that the tourist attraction will be getting a new coaster. Reporters got a hold of that information through a memo sent to the board of directors. There were also reports of two current rides coming down to make space for the new coaster.

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