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EDITORIAL: Don’t move firewood

By Amy Stone – OSU Extension Lucas County

With recent high temperatures, you may have turned to a tree to cool down.  Shade is an important benefit that trees can provide along with reducing storm water run-off and providing food for wildlife.

These same trees that provide ecological, environmental, and economical benefits are at risk.  They are at risk to pests like insects and diseases.  You can be a tree hero by protecting trees with one simple task - by not moving firewood.  Whether your family is going camping this summer, or you are using firewood at home, please buy firewood where they plan to burn it.

Both the U-S and Ohio Departments of Agriculture regulate the movement of firewood to reduce pest threats and protect our urban and rural forests. Dontmovefirewood.org is a website designed to get the word out about this important message to protect our trees.

You can do your part to protect trees by not moving firewood, and sharing this message with your friends and family.  So this summer, enjoy trees.  Do your part to protect this valuable natural resource and remember... don't move firewood - it bugs me!

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