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Fruit & Veggie Smoothie

Fruit & Veggie Smoothie

½ cup each of strawberries and peaches

½ of a medium banana (about 3-4 inches of banana)

½ cup skim milk

6 oz container of fat free plain Greek yogurt

1 good handful (a cup) of raw spinach

½ cup of sliced purple cabbage

2 Tbsp of wheat bran

A good spoonful of fat free/sugar free pudding mix (vanilla) (this works out to be roughly ¼ of the package per smoothie

 Blend it up….I use frozen strawberries and peaches, but if you use fresh feel free to add ice cubes to make is nice and cold. This smoothie supplies all five fruits and vegetable color groups, maintains all the vitamins, minerals and fiber of the fruits and vegetables while also adding protein to help make the smoothie an excellent option for breakfast on the run, or a nice snack. Try adding milled flaxseeds to the recipe to add some healthy fats!

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