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TPD uses real-time cameras during Fourth of July festivities

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – Red, White, Kaboom also marked the start of lights, camera, action for a data-driven initiative by the Toledo Police Department. The department just launched their new equipment to help crack down on crime.

The city has been anticipating the arrival of their new sets of "eyes" on the street for months. On the Fourth of July, the first set of cameras showed up and were put to work for the city's fireworks celebration.

"We were hoping to get them the day before, but there were some transportation issues and we ended up not getting them until yesterday morning," explained Sgt. Joe Heffernan with the TPD.

These are the newest members of the TPD force.  They are the first of 88 cameras headed to Toledo's streets as a part of Police Chief Derrick Digg's "Data Driven Policing" initiative.

They were put in position on Summit, coupled with officers, to make sure that the fireworks, and not the actions of people, were the only things explosive on the Fourth.

"We were anxious to flip the switch and see how it was working, even though we don't have all the pieces in place. It was functioning fine and it gave the officers some good practice," said Heffernan.

The cameras were used to stream real-time images to officers in the crime center.

"These are state-of-the-art cameras. They have very good resolution and panning and zooming capabilities," said Heffernan.

Once the stationary cameras are set up and construction of the crime center is complete, the video will be recorded and streamed from various points around the city.

The department was satisfied with the first test run and believe the cameras helped keep things calm.

"If somebody goes there, and maybe they have bad intentions, when they're going down to the fireworks, or they're really drunk and disorderly and they see that the camera monitoring system is in place, they may think twice about doing something," said Heffernan.

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