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Ottawa County cleans up after Sunday's storms

CATAWBA TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) – About 24 hours since powerful storms tore through Catawba Township, residents were still cleaning up. Twisted and tangled power lines hung from downed trees, and the buzz of a chainsaw and hum of a generator both rang loud and clear.

"There was just debris everywhere! Leaves and branches and twigs," said Catawba Island Township resident Ed Verkin.

Verkin was at home when the storms hit, and says he has never seen anything like it there.

"It was just incredibly noisy and then within 30 seconds to a minute everything stopped,"

Just a few seconds was all it took to create a massive amount of damage. Winds were so strong that they took down utility poles, snapping them in half.

Dozens of huge trees were also uprooted. One had roots so big that it took out the back wall of a house when it fell.

People living in the area say the hail last night was so loud that they didn't even hear a huge tree fall.

"All we could hear was the rain and the hail coming down on our skylights. You couldn't hear anything,"

"It started hailing so bad. The whole area turned white. We couldn't even see the road,"

Although they have a lot of cleanup ahead of them, both just say they are glad nobody was hurt.

The Salvation Army is stepping in to help, traveling around Ottawa County looking for the hard-hit areas.

The Emergency Disaster Services Truck is packed full of water and Gatorade.  They wanted to make sure that people living in homes without power and water have something to drink and do not become dehydrated.

They also went around looking for those spending the day outside, working to clean up the mess, and handed out cold drinks to them.

While power has been restored to some, the director of the Port Clinton Salvation Army says their work is not over yet.

"People are still in need. There are still people out there that need water and Gatorade just to keep hydrated. In a situation like this and we have the canteen that comes out of Toledo. So we're here as long as it takes," said Port Clinton Salvation Army Director Maureen Saponari.

As of 1:00 p.m. Monday they had already handed out around five cases of water, and say they are going to keep looking for those still in need.

First Energy says there are still 500 people without power in Ottawa County after Sunday's storms, but it should be restored by Tuesday.

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