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EDITORIAL: Kynard makes Olympic team

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now Editorial) - Rogers High School graduate Erik Kynard is going to the Olympics. 

This summer when the London Games take place, young Mr. Kynard will stride onto the international athletic stage.  When most kids think of sports they dream of making the high school team, then maybe being a starter or even a star.  And only the best of the best get to compete at a major college level. 

Well Erik Kynard has literally and figuratively flown well beyond those dreams.  He is officially all-world. 

So this summer he will do everything possible to hurtle his elongated frame between 7 1/2 and 8 feet straight into the air and over a skinny, sensitive bar without knocking it down. 

No matter what happens Erik Kynard is a world class athlete and we should all be immensely proud of him.  When his moment comes this July, let's send him a single, powerful, psychic message:  Fly, Erik, Fly. 

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