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Former Woodville Mall tenants call eviction a blessing in disguise

NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) – On December 16 of last year, the Woodville Mall was shut down by court order after the mall was found to be unsafe.

Several businesses were suddenly without retail space in the middle of the holiday shopping season.  Their owners saw the closure as an ominous sign for their businesses.

"We were kind of devastated, I figured it was going to be the end of the business and everything, that, I moved before and there's no way usually you get moved and opened to a new location and get established and the people find you because, they don't know where you went," said Pat Falgout, owner of Hobby Outfitters.

"It was like my whole crushed. I mean, my business is my life, it's in memory of my son who passed away. It's my livelihood. I was very scared and I was very hurt because no one cared," said Susan Grover, who owns Sports Maniac.

But six months later, the entrepreneurs are calling their eviction a blessing in disguise.  At least three are thriving in a new location, just a few miles down the road at the Great Eastern Shopping Center in Northwood.  One is even planning an expansion.

"[I am] getting a lot of my old customers back that did not want to go into the mall, coming in here, everybody loves it. We have heat, we have air, management through here is just awesome. The neighbors are just great. Can't believe it, can't get any better," said Grover. 

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