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WTOL Editorial: Ballot measure could change Lucas County government

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now Editorial) - If you live in Lucas County you have an opportunity to challenge the way things have been operating.  There is an effort to get 14,500 valid Lucas County signatures on a petition that gives voters a chance in November to change how Lucas County is governed. 

It's called "A Better Lucas County."  If passed it would replace the 3 county commissioners with a charter form of government.  According to supporters, this would provide better county-wide representation, save money, improve efficiencies and response time, and eliminate senseless duplication and waste.  

There are some Ohio counties which have converted to a charter system, and they claim the savings are real.  At this point, it seems logical to get the signatures and put the referendum to a vote.  If Lucas County residents are happy with the way the county is running, then the voters will say so.  If not, this is the first step in a process to bring about real change.  We live in a democracy, let the voters decide.  

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