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Does it Work: Wine Bag

(Toledo News Now) - This week, reporter Michelle Li of our Raycom News Network in Wilmington, North Carolina offers this test on the Wine Bag. If you've ever been afraid to bring home a souvenir bottle of wine from your vacation, fear no more.

There's a product out there that promises to protect your wine bottle from breaking. However, in the event that it does break, this product also promises to help absorb all the wine before it spills out on your clothes.

It's called the Wine Diaper. You may also see it advertised as The Jet Bag. It's a basic idea. The bag looks like a heavy-duty Ziploc bag with padding inside. 

Debra Worley tested it during a trip to Kansas City.  She took the bag with her and brought back a bottle of wine.

She had no problems with it.

However, there was a little problem when reporter Michelle Li tried to replicate a video on The Jet Bag's web site. One man threw a suitcase from a balcony. He even jumped on top of the suitcase after it hit the ground. Then, he grabs the intact wine and jokingly says, "See.  Anything is possible when you have the wine diaper."

That gave Michelle an idea. She filled up a suitcase full of clothes, a bottle of wine and the wine diaper. She trekked up to the roof of the TV station building and threw down the suitcase, just as seen in the video.

It didn't work.

When she made it back to the pavement, Michelle discovered not only did the wine bottle break, the glass cut through the wine diaper and spilled out all over the clothes. 

Upon reflection, she doesn't think that was a fair test. She hoped it would work, but it didn't.  We think for most purposes, the Wine Diaper will work. Just don't throw it off your roof to find out.  Take our word for it.

You can purchase a pack of three bags online for $15 + shipping. The web site also claims it will soon start selling in Bed Bath and Beyond stores.

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