High grass causes traffic problems in east Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Weeks after the city of Toledo passed emergency grass-cutting legislation, a lawn on the 1900 block of Navarre is angering neighbors.

Residents in an east Toledo neighborhood say the grass has not been mowed by the city in over a year.

"The problem is the city don't care about the east side.  We're on the last of the list, the bottom of the barrel," said Joan Steffan, who is fed up with the high grass.

Neighbors living on either side of the abandoned home on Navarre say the grass being greener on the other side is an understatement.  The grass may be greener, but the weeds are also taller, making visibility nearly impossible when trying to ease out onto Navarre.

"It's real frustrating, you don't know if you're going to get hit if you go left.  It's a guess if it's clear to go," said Duane Steffan.

"They wait to do everything last.  Meanwhile somebody's gonna get hurt really bad.  They're going to pull out and have a really bad accident because they can't see around those leaves and that's a major route," explained Joan Steffan.

Just a few weeks after city council passed emergency legislation to hit the neighborhoods, measure tall grass, and cut first, and issue fines to homeowners later, the Steffans and their neighbors say they want to know where those crews are.

"We're just getting tired of making these phone calls daily to get some assistance to no avail," said Kathryn Orlando.

Neighbors say not only are the tall grass and weeds an eye sore and a traffic hazard, it is also bringing to light health concerns.

"Just the other evening, on my way home from work I seen an actual pack of rats, not mice, going into the brush of that home and that's going to become an infestation in our neighborhood," said Orlando.

The neighborhood says they have had it with the problem, and the city's slow response. Calls made to the city for comment have not yet been answered.

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