Oregon residents hopeful project will solve flooding issues

OREGON, OH (Toledo News Now) - A city that sees a lot of flooding is hoping its latest project will help relieve the issue. Oregon officials have targeted one of its most problematic areas, and construction just got underway.

Ami Brodie lives near Wolf Creek. She said, on average, her yard and sometimes home flood twice a year.

"It's horrible. The first time it happened, I couldn't believe it. You just feel trapped," Brodie said. "I stood there, and I just felt like the Lady of Shallot. I thought I'm never going to get out of here," said Brodie.

The Seaman Road Storm Sewer Project aims to relieve flooding for Brodie and her neighbors. Road closures began Monday for the project. The work spans from Clay High School up to Stadium Road.

"This project will take Wolf Creek's flow when it overflows its banks, and it'll actually take that flow and send it up Big Ditch. It'll provide a lot of flood relief for that area," said Paul Roman, the Oregon Director of Public Service.

The storm sewer will be located in front of Clay. Roman said traffic will be affected for two to three weeks.

"We planned the project so it would occur when school is out and we could get it done in the summer months," Roman said.

Brodie said she drives through Seaman, but said she would rather take this minor inconvenience over a much bigger one—flooding.

"I hope it works.  You know, I have often thought of leaving this house, and if that project works I'll stay here because other than that I love this house," Brodie said.

The $700,000 project should wrap up by August.

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