Lack of gas service frustrates south Toledo neighborhood

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Gas service has been cut off to thirteen homes in the Graystone Woods subdivision in South Toledo since May 31.

But Monday, the city is going to get involved to help the frustrated residents who live there.

The problem is methane gas seeping out of the ground.

Dangerously high levels of the gas have been detected by Columbia Gas.

The utility worries there could be an explosion.

"We completely understand the concern and frustration with customers out there. But our top priority is that the delivery of natural gas keeps them safe and safe for the community at large," said Chris Kozak of Columbia Gas.

Residents like Kris Jensen disagree with the findings.

"The builder had independent studies done. They came back zero. The fire department and the EPA. Everybody came through our house. Said it's safe," said Mr. Jensen.

Meanwhile, Greystone Woods is a subdivision where dryers and stoves don't work and cold showers are the norm.

Columbia Gas says it will restore service but only once the builder installs an approved mitigation system.

"I hope they take care of this soon," said Mr. Jensen.

The Toledo City Council's Utilities and Public Service Committee will hold a hearing Monday, even though the city has no authority over the methane gas issue.

It's hoped the committee can mediate the problem with all the parties and find a solution.

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"I hope so. They seem to be taking an active role in working on it and time will tell," said Mr. Jensen.