National Glass Art Society Conference attracting artist

TOLEDO, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Downtown Toledo was literally 'hopping' on Friday night.

A monthly Gallery Hop was held but with a special glass theme for special visitors to the city.

Toledo is hosting the National Glass Art Society Conference, attracting more than a thousand glass artists.

They had a chance to visit galleries and studios, including the 20 North Gallery where art is meeting history.

Fifty years ago, Toledo was known for glass as an industry.

But a group of young artists learned to use glass as an artistic medium but on a much smaller scale.

It was the birth of the Studio Glass Movement.

"Where one artist can work a batch of glass and create something artistically from that had never been tried before" says Eric Hillenbrand of 20 North Gallery.

20 North is hosting a tribute to these original glass artists as well as those they inspired.

Much experimentation was involved. Many of the founders were unsure how to manipulate the new medium.

"A combination of the talent and engineering prowess all came together in one spot. And that was the Toledo Museum of Art" says Mr. Hillenbrand.

Glass artists in Toledo for the conference were in awe of the pieces on display at 20 North.

One of them was Mike Parry of Pennsylvania.

"I get a lot of ideas and I take them back and try to incorporate them into my work" he says.

Work involving technique and artistry that was born in the Glass City.

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