Signal 88 begins patrol of Burroughs neighborhood

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The private security company Signal 88 began their patrols of the Burroughs neighborhood Friday.

Signal 88 is a private security company that has been hired by the Burroughs neighborhood to patrol the streets. They will be watching over the area on foot and in vehicles 4 times per day.

Signal 88 has been doing patrols in the Arlington area for months now, and they have seen major improvements. Residents in the Burroughs neighborhood hope for the same results.

"You hear the kids running around in the neighborhood at 3 o clock in the morning, you know where are their parents, what are they doing out here you know. So, it's good to see Signal 88 come in and do something about it- finally," said resident Walter Collins.

Collins has had his car broken into multiple times, but with Signal 88 starting their patrols, he is hoping he will see the crime rate decrease.

"I think we can all feel a little safer, especially when we go away on the weekends, or even when we're just sitting there watching TVs in our homes that someone's not going to break down the doors because they see Signal 88 coming through the neighborhood," Collins said.

Signal 88 representatives are armed with handguns and pepper spray, but call the police when they see criminal activity. Their vehicles are set up with cameras that record all of their patrols.

"Hopefully it's going to deter all the crimes and the break-ins. You know threes a lot of break-ins around here mainly in the cars, and the homes a lot too," said resident Gus Frank.

The Burroughs neighborhood organization was originally hoping to have 6 patrols per day, but they did not receive the number of payments to reach that goal. Burroughs representatives hope that more people will sign up once they see the difference Signal 88 is making, and are continuing to accept payments.

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