East Toledo residents pleased with Main Street changes

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The city of Toledo has responded to complaints about drivers speeding down Main Street and creating an unfriendly business atmosphere by setting up temporary angle parking, and reaction has been very positive.

The city recently installed temporary curb cuts and reflective posts along Main Street between Front Street and Starr Avenue, where it is 25 miles per hour.

Before the change, drivers were going much faster than the speed limit, and it did not allow for people to pull right up to a business along Main Street. Now, it appears drivers are going much slower and it is helping to encourage people to stop into Main Street businesses.

"It created, I believe, 20 more spots per block, and we just love the customers ease in and out of the business. It makes more like a community here as opposed to just a pass through point," said Main Street Exchange's Paul Tunks.

The mayor's office says the city will review the situation next month to determine if the temporary measures should become permanent. It is not known at this time just how much that work would cost.

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