Law enforcement prepares for weekend at MIS

BROOKLYN, MI (Toledo News Now) - Nestled in Michigan away from major highways, drivers are forced to travel back roads through towns to get to Brooklyn.

NASCAR fans are headed to MIS for the weekend's races, and law enforcement says they are ready for the extra traffic.

"Our primary mission the next few days here at the MIS speedway is to make sure that everyone has a safe travel routes to and from the races this weekend, and the other events going on," said Michigan State Police First Lieutenant Mike Krumm.

Brooklyn is a small and secluded town, but when the races start begin, the fans come a following by the thousands.

"When you're dealing with the hundred, thousands of cars that are coming in here, it's really quite a dynamic that we have to contend with to make sure we have the right routes in and out of the facility," Krumm said.

MIS is big, and people plan their weekends around it the annual event. They come into the area and camp out. Lt. Krumm says by the time the flag flies on the big race Sunday, the number of people there will huge.

"Sunday will be our largest crowds and we'll have the most personnel on scene to assist with everyone getting here safely and in a pretty quick manner," Krumm explained.

Part of the plan for doing that means using tools on the ground, and in the air.

"We have troopers on scene who have the ability to hold the lights to hold them green longer, to direct traffic one way particularly inbound and outbound for Sunday. We can observe from the sky where we may see backups and delays, and that just helps us give the guys on the ground a little bit better direction as far as what trends we're seeing, and what intersections and roadways we need to open up a bit quicker," Krumm said.

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