Village of Bloomdale faces water woes

BLOOMDALE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Not everyone is excited for the warmer weather. Residents in Bloomdale said they cannot water their lawns or fill swimming pools due to a village water crisis. But there is a solution in sight.

Bloomdale is just one step away from joining the Northwestern Water and Sewer District. Village council members just need to finalize a few details. They said joining the district means a bigger water supply with better quality.

Bloomdale residents said they are hoping for a very rainy summer because of the village's water shortage in its well field system, even when water is available.

"The water's not very high quality. It messes with my pipes. I get huge line buildups, which is actually costing us more money in the long run to keep this water, than it would be to get rid of it. We're just chasing our own butts around in circles," said resident Jeff Minard.

The chase is almost over.

Northwestern Water and Sewer District said it is getting ready to supply Bloomdale with water from an outside source. Engineers said the community response has been positive, but some are worried about the cost.

"The big cities, they don't have these issues because they have a larger revenue, and of course, our revenue is slowly shrinking. Foreclosure rate is high in this town, there's nobody moving in, so that right there is another issue. We just don't have the money," said Minard.

Northwestern Water and Sewer District said it is still unsure how much money will need to go into the project. The company promises it will absorb most of those costs internally.

"The village there has a limited workforce, as most small villages do, and they do a very good job, but their financing ability is limited, and that's where we do the best," said Bill Barber with Northwestern Water and Sewer District.

The district said it will take at least a year to get Bloomdale's water supply flowing. People who live in the village feel that is not a moment too soon.


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