Clerk robbed at knife point back to work

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The clerk at the Stop and Shop on Dorr Street did what he was told and he is alive today to tell his story after being robbed at knife point by a man wearing a scream mask.

Donald Deselms was still shaken Thursday evening, but he says coming back to work just a day after being robbed at knife point is actually helping him get over the ordeal he went through Wednesday night.

Deselms was putting quarters in a roll behind the counter at the Stop and Shop on Dorr Street when his night went from quiet to life-threatening.

"A gentleman walked in, I said 'hi' to him as he passed so to let him know I saw him as he walked in. He came over here and he was looking in the different coolers for a few moments, so I was finishing up what I was doing," Deselms said.

In surveillance video, you can see what happened after his encounter with the customer. The suspect ties on a white mask, similar to the mask worn in the Scream movies. He walks over to the counter, holding a knife, and demands money.

"My mind kind of froze for a second, because I wasn't expecting it. He's like, 'look, I gotta go, give me all the money and I won't hurt you.' So I just opened the drawer, put it on the counter and let him help himself. I wasn't, and as I set the drawer down, I backed up a step to get more distance between me, him and that knife. Besides that, it was very scary for a moment," Deselms recalled.

After the suspect grabbed the money, he fled. Once Deselms felt he was in the clear, his mind immediately went to his wife- who was in the bathroom the entire time.

"She was a little scared too, but as long as I was ok, she was ok too. She kind of gave me a hug after he left, we locked the door, you know, because my nerves were definitely on edge," Deselms said.

Deselms says if the whole situation had taken place three minutes later, it wouldn't have happened, because he was about to lock the doors for the night. Despite his run-in with the masked robber, he was back at work today, but not without nerves.

"My senses are like hyper-vigilant right now. If somebody walks through the door, I definitely stop and take a really close look at them at the moment," said Deselms.