NASCAR races bring business to southeast Michigan

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The NASCAR races are coming to the Michigan International Speedway, and hotels and other businesses in southeast Michigan are seeing a boost in the number of customers they have.

"We get slammed, completely sold out, and it's so much fun and amazing!" said Lindsay Keene of the Holiday Inn Express.

Hotels are already sold out, and it is difficult to find a business owner who has a problem with the extra people.

"It just, it helps boost up our profits, our 'rev,' everything. It just brings up everything in the hotel," Keene said.

The tracks are running tests a day in advance this year, making business come even earlier. Every year the hotels in Adrian are sold out this weekend, and this year they have been sold out since Wednesday.

"This is huge for us, summer is our peak season, and really, our business relies on groups like this that come through. This is our busy time of year and this is a huge event for us," said Jamie Beach of the Carlton Lodge.

When the NASCAR races come to town, not only will the hotels see a boost in customers, but other local businesses see a huge impact as well.

"When you're bringing in this many people to the area, restaurants, shopping, convenient stores, party stores, everybody feels it. So it's probably hard to put a number on that trickledown effect, but it's big for the area," Beach said.

Residents say the local businesses depend on the yearly influx this weekend brings.

"Brings in a lot of business for all the local businesses, a lot of money they expect for the year," racing fan Bruce Morse explained.

The local businesses and restaurants will also do special promotions this weekend for those attending the races.

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