Area doctor say investigators 'targeted' him during recent raid

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Inspectors with the City of Toledo and the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department returned to the idle bio-tech lab on Broadway in South Toledo on Thursday, following up on an investigation into what remains inside the building.

Dr. Prakash Thombre, President of Advanced Clinical Diagnostics, says what investigators found is his vindication.

"They did not find anything dangerous, anything that will jeopardize public safety," Prakash said.

Prakash says the lab is idle due to financial reasons, saying "We're actively trying to recruit and get some money to get this lab going up again."

The health department says concerns center around poor building conditions for even an idle lab to remain inside.

"It's ventilation, the structure, the roof, things like that. The city's probably going to want the doctor to come back and figure out what he can do with that," says Eric Zgodzinski with the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.

Prakash is hoping the city will leave him alone and give him a chance to get the lab back up and running.

"They have targeted me, the city has and the church has been after this property. We've been here 33 years and there's not a single criminal record. I've never been in any illegal activities," said Prakash.

Zgodzinski says they're willing to work with Prakash to settle the issue.

"I think the doctor can go ahead and improve the building and utilize it again but it's going to take some work on his part," explained Zgodzinski.

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