New red light cameras installed around Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - New red light cameras have already begun going up across Toledo as the city prepares to bring them online.

Drivers across Toledo can already see some of the 11 new red light and speed cameras already in place. They are being installed at 6 locations.

A Sandusky-based contractor called National Light and Power was at work Thursday at the intersection of Alexis and Whitmer, in front of Whitmer High School. The foreman said crews had been at work for about a week and a half, and have gotten through about 5 intersections.

The company expects to be done with their work by the end of next week, but more has to happen before the cameras go live.

The camera vendor, Redflex, will have to send a technician for additional hook-ups and testing. People who live near Alexis and Whitmer say they hope the cameras improve safety.

"I particularly like this one because I think it's great with all the kids crossing here and walking back and forth to school," said Lisa Hartford, who lives near the intersection.

"We just stand the equipment up and then they come in and put all their cameras and do whatever they have to do with their programming to time them. The police will come out, get their speed approaches timed in with their radar," said Ron Shuh of National Light and Power.

Even though the cameras are already going up, the city has yet to officially sign an agreement with Redflex. Toledo city council is expected to take up a measure on that next week.    The new contract would reduce the fee paid to Redflex for each citation.

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