Toledo manufactured home fire being called arson

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Investigators say manufactured home fire was a case of arson early Thursday. The man inside escaped safely.

It happened on Nebraska Avenue. Firefighters say someone set a mattress on fire near the back of the home, which then caught the home on fire.

A man who is confined to a wheel chair was sleeping inside when the fire broke out. His girlfriend, Suzanne Beegle, smelled smoke so she woke him up and helped him get out safely.

"I looked up, and then I woke my boyfriend up and said, 'Come on, you gotta get up.' He's crippled. He can't walk. He can't do nothing. I got him out of there. I thank God. That's all I can thank," said Beegle.

Firefighters had to treat Beegle for an asthma attack she suffered during the fire.

Investigators say the home is a total loss.

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