Local store saves woman's wedding

LA SALLE, MI (Toledo News Now) - The last week before the wedding is always the most stressful week for a bride. It was even worse for a Monroe County woman when her wedding dress was ruined in a fire.

On Sunday, a fire broke out at a restaurant and bar in Wyandotte, Michigan, which is south of Detroit. That normally would not be an issue for Jen Newman and her fiancé Carson Poupard, but the bar was attached to the bridal store where she had bought her dress.

"So it was damaged with the sprinkler systems, hoses, water. They had water knee high and it was covered in soot and ashes," Newman explained.

The dress was in the basement for last minute stitching when the fire spread to the store.

"We found out that my dress was the one that was....Euchred! Yes! Done! That's a good word for it!" Newman said.

With her wedding day just 6 days later, Jen got a hold of Atlas Bridal Shop in Toledo near the Westfield Franklin Park Mall. Senior bridal consultant Dee Seger took the call.

"You could tell that she had been crying and she was just like, my wedding is Saturday and my wedding dress burned down or is completely burned, I don't know what I'm going to do!" Seger said.

Seger dropped everything she was working on and invited Jen to the store. She found a new dress within 20 minutes from the same designer as the one she had bought and spent a year looking for. The store's seamstress made alterations in one day, which normally starts three months before the wedding.

"I walked in, they were ready for me. Just amazing. Their customer service was fantastic," Jen said about the shop.

Jen says she doesn't want her dress revealed yet, and she will pick it up on Thursday.

"I think he would think I would be beautiful in any dress so I don't think it matters but I think he is really going to like this one," Jen said when she was asked what her fiancé will think.

With the new dress now secured, their back yard is almost ready to go for the Saturday night wedding. The couple has already been through a lot, as Carson lost his dad to cancer just last month.

"We're all good now! We're all set up and it's just a celebration and I'll end up being happy with this girl for the rest of my life. So it's going to be a fairy tale ending!" Poupard said about his future wife.

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