Homeless shelters make plea to city council

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The leaders of 5 homeless shelters in Toledo are making their plea to city council to restore funding cuts proposed by the mayor's office.

Council president Joe McNamara and Councilman Mike Collins are among those proposing changes in reaction to the mayor's Federal Neighborhoods Allocations plan, aimed at restoring a portion of the funding which these homeless shelters are set to lose.

The Aurora House serves homeless women and their children, and it is currently facing a loss of $70,000 worth of funding by way of the city cutting it out of the Community Development Block Grant allocation. Family House in Toledo is facing a loss of $85,000, and both facilities could soon be reducing the amount of people they can serve.

Aurora House Executive Director Denise Fox is calling on council to focus on the work they do to help people become self-sufficient and regain their sense of dignity.

"First and foremost this is about the individuals and families we're serving. When we make decisions this isn't about agencies this isn't just about Aurora, this is about the people we serve, it's about who the other agencies serve as well," Fox explained.

Funding cuts are also facing Beach House, Bethany House and Catholic Charities' La Posada.

Council's Adam Martinez chairs the neighborhoods committee, and he is hoping some version can be approved next week to restore as much funding as possible to the shelters.

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