Verizon Wireless charges reflect change in communication

MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Cell phones are not all about texting and talking anymore, and big data plan changes are weeks away for Verizon Wireless customers to reflect that.

The new changes in plans will begin at the end of June.  They will make paying for talking and texting on cell phones a thing of the past.

Verizon says they have been listening to their customers, and what they want is more data at better prices.

Verizon customer Paul Scott says he is all for using his smart phone for communicating with everyone all the time on the web.

"Today especially younger people are using Facebook as a made, means of communication instead of even texting.  You know, people are communicating more just through that," said Scott.

Verizon says a majority of their customers are like Scott, and this is the perfect time to take the concept of sharing information even further.

"With our new share everything plan, you'll have unlimited minutes, unlimited text, the only thing you'll have to manage is how much data you'd like to have for all your devices to share," said a Verizon Wireless employee.

On the new plans, subscribers wanting data plans select an amount between 1 and 10 gigabytes, with the lowest costing $50. The data usage can be shared by as many 10 devices including tablets, smart phones, and computers, each device having a different connectivity fee.

For parents with social media-crazed teens on their plan, there are ways to manage it.

"If you have that 13-14 year old that can't seem to get off Facebook or Twitter, you can set a 2,3 or even 1 GB cap.  So that when their phone uses up that much data it stops," the employee explained.

The new plans will also offer text alerts to warn customers how close they are to reaching their monthly allowance. Verizon's new plan offers lots of options, but the company says they are just alternatives.

"We're not going to force you to change anything you don't want to change.  But we would hope that you give us the opportunity to come in and share about the new plans we offer, because these plans could be very beneficial to our customers in general," the Verizon Wireless employee explained.

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