Officials stress boating safety this summer

OAK HARBOR, OH (Toledo News Now) - Three people were rescued from Lake Erie after their boat hit some rocks near the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant Tuesday afternoon.

Officials say there's more a boater needs to do to stay safe than carrying life jackets and weather radios, and the first thing you need to do is know your own capabilities.

"The biggest thing you can do, is know the limits and abilities of yourself and your boat. I mean if you can't handle the wave conditions and you know your boat can't you shouldn't be out there you know, you have to know your capabilities," said Captain Dave Borzeniatow of the Fast Action Charters.

On Tuesday, two boats were stuck on Lake Erie due to motor problems, and had to be towed back into the marina. Officials say it's important to check out your boat before heading out on the water.

"Early in the spring when people don't do boat maintenance, they get on the lake for the first time, everyone wants to get out you know, those days we seen 7 or 8 boats get pulled in, so you gotta take care of your equipment if you're going to run on a lake this size," said Captain Borzeniatow.

"Make sure all your pumps are working, you know, just do preventative maintenance, gotta make sure everything's working good, because you don't want to get out there, out here on the lake, you can get, it can pick up real quick. So you want to make sure that if something does happen you can get, you can make it back home safe," said Captain Joshua Sanford of Chelsea Charters.

Another boater was caught in the wind while trying to bring his boat back to the docks, and ended up crashing onto some rocks. Everyone got off okay, and there were no injuries, but officials say weather can also play a huge factor in boating safety as well.

"Wind and lightening, you know up here rain isn't going to hurt people, but you know windy days are bad and obviously stay away from thunderstorms," said Captain Borzeniatow.

Others out on the water made sure they were well prepared.

"We had our life jackets, we had our weather radios, no drinking involved. Just out having a good time, went slow over the big waves and that's about it really," said boater Amber Sorensen.

Officials say it is always best to play it on the safe side if you made the trip out to the lake, but if you think something seems unsafe, keep your boat tied up at the docks and relax there.

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