Lourdes University teaching science summer camp

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) – It is one of the downsides of summer break: Kids forgetting what they learned in school. This week, one local university is stepping up to do something about it.

It looks like a classroom and even sounds like a classroom, but what these students are doing is part of a science summer camp at Lourdes University.

"School is kind of boring and you have to do work, but at least in this you have to do fun work," explained student Cassidy.

From making their own volcanoes, to putting together puzzles explaining the solar system, these fifth, sixth and seventh-graders are having fun while learning about science.

"I think it's important because at our age, we care a lot about animals and we want to help the environment, so we need to learn about it to know about it," said student Abbie.

Educators said the junior high age is when the majority of students start to find science boring. In today's age, administrators said it is critical to put a stop to that trend because science will always be around them.

"Summer is a fun time for them to get outside and there's a lot you can do that you don't even realize is science, but it's all around us and just have fun with it," said Program Coordinator Cindy Molitor.

The big surprise is that the students actually want to be there.

"I don't really like swimming, but I like doing like science experiments. It makes me happy when I do like a challenging thing," said student Ella.

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