Toledo theft victim posts forgiving Craigslist ad

TOLEDO, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - A person from Toledo posted an ad in the "Missed Connections" section of Craigslist following an alleged theft from the author's vehicle. The authors says a backpack was stolen while on a date and has some generous advice for the thief.

Here is the ad in full:

To the person who stole my backpack and it's contents:

I was on a date yesterday and unfortunately, I did not inform her of my manual locks as we exited the car. The two locations we stopped at were Mud Hens Stadium and the Toledo Museum of Art, so wherever it was that she left it unlocked, you saw an opportunity to rummage through my things and take some of my belongings. I am of course not mad at her, it's a simple mistake. Also, the date was fun, and I hope to see her again :-) You however did not make a mistake by way of accident, you were quite direct and aware of what it was that you wanted to achieve.

I am not really mad at you, either.

I should be, but I am not. I think because I had a fun day yesterday, it has helped keep my outlook positive. Also, you missed my Hammock. It's an ultraportable hammock that has an awesome strap system that connects to trees in seconds, and I am typing from it right now. It's very hard to be upset when looking out at green fields, blue skies while swaying rhythmically in the shade.

I am still unsure whether or not you managed to get one of my other hammocks, it might be in the backpack that you nabbed. If it is, I suggest you figure out a way to use it. It's an ENO Doublenest. You can order Straps through Eaglesnestoutfitters dot com, I suggest the prostraps. At the very least you got the rain tarp. That's specific to the hammock and enables you to hang in the rain, create shade and go out camping as an alternative to being in a tent. There will be other things you need, like a bug net and a sleeping pad or underquilt but you are halfway there! It even has the stakes for setting up. It's a more complicated system than it first appears but research and diligence will help you get it up and going.

The backpack is an Osprey Manta 30 and let me tell you, you've acquired quite the piece of gear right there. It is an awesome daypack for hiking, with many features that are desired by the modern day outdoor enthusiast! The backpanel as you might observe is VERY breathable thanks to the netting being stretched by a lightweight frame that keeps the pack from even touching your back. The hydration system is top notch, and has a rigid spine so even when the pack is full, you can slip the bladder with 3 liters of water in without having to re-arrange the contents of the bag itself. Also, the tube and mouth piece have a convenient magnet that attaches to the chest strap! That section in the back that attaches on to clips can actually house a bicycle helmet, and underneath there is a zipper that houses a protective rain jacket for the pack itself. The company, Osprey, also has something they call an "Almighty Guarantee" which means they will replace any damaged part, for any reason, whether the pack is a new product or one from the 70's. I tend to buy gear that is tough, that will survive ME because I put my stuff through some pretty terrible situations.

The backpack is about $160 bucks, which is a steal. The rainfly is about $80 and the hammock $65.. though this is all new, of course.

I have no idea what you plan to do with this gear.. if you are going to sell it, use it, gift it etc... but I really think you should use it. It's tremendously relaxing to go walking about and have the option to, at any time, lay out and enjoy the peace. All those prices I just threw out there are nothing compared to what you can achieve by putting them together and making time for yourself to enjoy life a bit.

If you do not need the gear, no what to do with the gear, or regret taking the gear you can get ahold of me through this page and we can arrange an exchange, with no danger to yourself from authorities or myself. Or, find someone who would dig this kinda thing. You took what you could carry and you left the really expensive stuff in the car, anyways. The prescription glasses that you saw in the case but left behind are literally just shot of a thousand dollars, and a poor college kid like myself would have a hard time replacing them (My eyes are bad). I had other gear in the trunk, but you made no effort to go after that, either. Looking at the positive, it could have been much worse. I also have an interview with an Outdoor shop today and if I get it, I will be able to replace the things you took easily with a discount and extra income. I'm confident that I will get the job, too.. I know my gear. I know my gear VERY well.

You went in my car to get something, well you have it, and I WANT it to be used. There is no reason why something someone worked so hard for should not be appreciated.

Just don't do it again. I learn from mistakes pretty well, and I also am quite resourceful.

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