Installation begins on new red light cameras

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo NewsNow) - New red lightcameras have begun going up at intersections across the city of Toledo.

Some of the proposed locations were scrapped, but the 11 newcameras will now be placed at 6 locations chosen following an engineering study throughoutthe city.

"Feasibility and safety are the main things we're looking atwhen determining these intersections," said Sgt. Joe Heffernan of the ToledoPolice Department.

Police say the cameras should be snapping pictures by theend of this month.

In west Toledo, the cameras are being installed at the intersectionsof Secor and Alexis, Alexis and Whitmer, and Reynolds and Bancroft. In additionto Cherry and Delaware, cameras are planned at the intersection of Collingwoodand Dorr in central Toledo.

In south Toledo, cameras will be placed along the Anthony WayneTrail. Those will be speed cameras, monitoring drivers in both directionsbetween south and the Toledo Zoo.

Police and some drivers say the cameras improve drivinghabits, but others say the threat of a citation causes drivers to recklesslyslam on their brakes.

The city had considered switching to a new camera vendor, butwill stay with Arizona based company Redflex. The city is now renegotiating itscontract with the company.

City officials say the proposed contract substantiallyreduces the cut Redlfex gets from each citation, letting the city keep morethan half. The city expects the new cameras to generate more than $300,000 eachyear.

The contract with Redflex is still being finalized. Councilcould vote on an emergency ordinance allowing the mayor to sign off on anagreement with the company next week.

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