Maumee apartment fire victims struggle to put lives back in order

MAUMEE, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Residents of a devastating fire Saturday night in Maumee spent Sunday trying to do the impossible: get their lives back in order.

Building E at Quail Ridge Apartments was destroyed and residents are not being allowed to go inside to retrieve personal belongings.

Buried under the rubble in Mersades Roberts' apartment is something needed by her daughter Raven.

She has muscular dystrophy and is confined to a wheelchair.

Raven's wheelchair may soon become useless.

"Oh yes. The charger to her wheelchair. We need everything in there. But that's most important. And her medication," said Ms. Roberts.

Melinda Limes is Ms. Roberts friend.

She's an example of how the worst of times brings out the best in people.

"We're trying to get her daughter a charger for her wheelchair. We have offered them a place to stay after tomorrow. Clothes. Anything at this people they need," said Ms. Limes.

Saturday night, flames raced through the two story, eight unit complex.

Within minutes, the roof collapsed and bricks came crashing down.

The Maumee Fire Department says the fire started in mulch surrounding the building but don't know what sparked it.

Twelve residents in the building, including Gary Binkley, safely escaped.

Like Ms. Roberts, Mr. Binkley is frustrated he can't enter his apartment.

"My son's diploma. We can salvage it if it can be salvaged. Got valuable papers in there like military papers," said Mr. Binkley.

The blaze is being investigated by the State Fire Marshall's Office.

Residents who lived in Building E have been told the structure will be leveled on Monday.

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